Guide for the PXSXEM swap

Dear NEMbers,
The swap for PXSXEM (pundix:pxs) is coming (and our sincerest apologies for the wait!).
The new token name is NPXSXEM (pundix:npxs). The steps for swapping are simple. What you need to do is to send ‘pundix:pxs’ tokens into a Mosaic address and we will send you ‘pundix:npxs’ tokens directed back into the senders’ address via our smart contract.

The steps are:

  • ·

    Send: your ‘pundix:pxs’ tokens to the address
  • ·

    Get: ‘pundix:npxs’ in 24 hours.
  • ·

    Ratio: 1: 1000
  • ·

    Time: 16:00 GMT+8 on 12th April 2018 (Singapore/Hong Kong Time)
  • ·

    Deadline: 23:59 GMT+8 on 20th September 2018 (Singapore/Hong Kong Time)
And since a successful swap requires you to send the ‘pundix:pxs’ tokens back in return, be sure to set aside a small amount of XEM for the automatically-generated sending fee.


Do NOT send other Mosaic tokens to the swap address. If you do, you won’t receive the ‘pundix:npxs’ tokens.

Monthly unlocked tokens

During the swap period, both the ‘pundix:pxs’ and ‘pundix:npxs’ token holders will have monthly unlocked tokens. After 23:59 GMT+8 on 20th September 2018, only ‘pundix:npxs’ token holders will receive monthly unlocked tokens after completing their registration. Please make sure you register yourself on if you haven’t do so or change a new wallet address.