Use digital currency anytime, anywhere.

In 2019, Pundi X will bring its payment ecosystem - the XPOS, XWallet, and XPASS - to even more consumers and businesses across the world. We have been deploying our blockchain-based point-of-sale (POS) solution and solidifying partnerships with governments, payment companies, and retailers. Together, we will achieve fast-paced growth.

Providing a borderless payment ecosystem beyond fiat.

There are many reasons why people are now turning to digital currency. The most obvious use case is for transactions, but digital currency also plays a key role in promoting financial inclusion, overcoming foreign exchange issues, and even mitigating the instability of fiat currency.
People all over the world are eager to get their hands on our blockchain-based payment solution, the XPOS. Emerging markets want the XPOS to stabilize their payment ecosystem amid hyperinflation. Developed markets are partnering with us to digitize and modernize their payment infrastructure using our blockchain technology.
The XPOS devices are already live in 25 markets globally, and we will expand into even more territories in 2019. We will make transacting with digital currency as easy as buying a bottled water.
Partnering with Ebooc to build the next blockchain-based digital payment ecosystem for Dubai, which enables tuition fees, retail purchases, and utility bills to be paid digitally.
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Driving adoption of digital currency via the XWallet, XPOS, and XPASS to hedge against the hyperinflation of the Venezuelan bolivar.
Piloting the world’s first crypto street where XWallet and XPASS users can buy, sell, and transact in crypto with unprecedented ease.
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Rolling out the XPOS in Nigeria to become the first in-store means of accepting Bitcoin in Africa.
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Partnering with HARA to bring the XPOS and XPASS solutions to the agriculture industry, incentivizing local farmers to promote financial inclusion via the HARA Token.
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The most versatile payment ecosystem of its kind

Our partners want to drive market adoption of our XPOS solution. We are planning to make our API available to developers, provisioning them access to co-create an even better borderless digital currency payment ecosystem through various token utilization scenarios.
Organized the world's first blockchain-powered music festival with ULTRA TAIWAN, Pundi X was the official payment solution provider, and the XPOS was used by 40 merchants and more than 30,000 festival-goers during the two-day music festival for food, drinks, and merchandises.
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Showcased the XPOS and XPASS to more than 20,000 attendees at the biggest annual business event organized in Taipei.
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Helping VOF launch a celebrity-based digital currency in South Korea. Celebrities will be able to launch their own tokens supported, embraced, and accepted by their fans.
VOF is notably China's biggest celebrity-focused app developer, as well as the sole partner of Tencent in this space, with the reach of over 6 million QQ followers.
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Partners with Quantum Energy Asset Management in a fund to invest in early-to-growth stage fintech and blockchain startups. The QEX Fund SP provides opportunities for accredited investors to co-invest with us in these emerging growth companies.
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NPXS: a flourishing ecosystem

In order to continue attracting developers and partners for the XPOS, XWallet, and XPASS, third-parties will need NPXS and NPXSXEM to fuel to transactions, rewards, payments, and incentives.

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We are shipping the XPOS Now

Starting from August 1, 2018

5,000 XPOS devices are on their way to these countries.

BrazilNigeriaCanadaUnited StatesRepublic of ColombiaVenezuelaArgentinaUnited KingdomNetherlandsSpainSloveniaGermanySwedenMoldovaBulgaria United Arab EmiratesSouth KoreaSingaporeSwitzerlandIndonesiaAustraliaTaiwanHongKongMalaysiaThailand

Buying cryptocurrency should be as easy as buying a bottled water

As the 7-Eleven of cryptocurrency, Pundi X will enable consumers to buy and use cryptocurrency - anytime, anywhere.

Pundi XPOS solutions

Digitize your brick-and-mortar store with the XPOS, enabling your customers to buy digital assets using fiat, a bank card, a mobile wallet, or the Pundi XPASS.

XPASS card: Frictionless transactions

With the Pundi XPASS, you can buy or sell with a single swipe.

Mobile payment integration

Digital wallets with Pundi X support can buy, spend and accept digital currencies.

Top-up supported

Use fiat or a bank card to top-up your wallet with digital currencies at any Pundi X partner location.

Why the Pundi XPOS?

In addition to digital currency and fiat transactions, the XPOS can also support retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, and even marketing and loyalty programs. The XPOS, in short, is an all-in-one solution for retailers.

Reduce your costs and increase your revenues

Retailers that adopt the XPOS will have their service fees waived for one full year. Pundi X will also increase the list of digital currencies that merchants can accept, and allow them to choose their preferred settlement currency via the Pundi X enterprise platform.


Pundi X Rewards

Pundi X will give rewards to qualified retailers for facilitating transactions via the XPOS. Customers also get free NPXS tokens that they can redeem on their next purchase. The redeemable value of NPXS tokens will be based on the current market price.

*NPXS tokens for Pundi X Rewards are claimed from our marketing campaign budget or buy back from the market. We will burn these tokens when they are redeemed by customers.

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Q1 2018
  • 600 XPOS units opened for individual pre-orders. [1]
  • XPOS passed 27 security and compliance tests.
  • XPOS added EMV and magnetic reader support.
  • Published XPlugin SDK documentation.
  • Established London office.
Q2 2018
  • Established Tokyo and Seoul offices.
  • Opened 2,000 XPOS units for individual pre-orders. [2]
  • Delivered 4,000 XPOS units to partner businesses.
  • Delivered 300,000 XPASS cards.
  • Set up Pundi X foundation for transparency and compliance.
Q3 2018
  • Established two offices in North and South Americas.
  • Completed NPXS swap.
  • Established bank and governmental partnerships for XPOS and XPASS roll-out.
Q4 2018
  • Inaugurated the international series of XBlockchain Summit in Indonesia for thought leaders, government officials, business executives, developers, and innovators.
  • Launched a working prototype of the XPhone and demonstrated its capabilities for blockchain-based telephony.
  • Secured a partnership to introduce the XPOS to the government and public sector.
  • Launched XWallet, the mobile app for easy digital currency payments.
  • Facilitated the publication of third-party apps on the XPOS.
  • Fielded corporate orders for 20,000 XPOS units.
Q1 2019
  • Kick off the international series of XBlockchain summit in China.
  • Grow the XWallet and XPASS card adoption rate to increase transactions on the XPOS.
  • Continue to scale up corporate footprint globally by establishing more local branch offices.
  • Introduce the XPOS and XPASS as a medium for charitable donations via a partnership with a major non-profit organization.
Q2 2019
  • Expand the international series of XBlockchain summit to South America.
  • Launch the Function X testnet.
  • Bring the XPhone to the consumer market.
[1] Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria.
[2] APAC and global