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Publish applications on Pundi XPOS device

Based on Android 7.0, Pundi XPOS has its own application store. The developers can publish applications targeting retailers, such as cryptocurrency transactions, wallets, financial or insurance services, membership or loyalty program, delivery management, and more to cater needs in different countries.

Publish an app on Pundi XPOS app store requires NPXS tokens and NPXS is a default token to settle the payment within the application. Depending on the different type of developers, we charge up to 30% of handling fee in NPXS. The Pundi X contract will burn this kind of NPXS tokens.


NPXS Awards

Pundi X NPXS tokens can also be used as loyalty awards for a deduction of the transaction amount. It will encourage the consumers to use Pundi X to make purchases. It also helps store owners to increase the revenue and customer satisfaction and further increase Pundi X's business network.

NPXS Token Flow



NPXS Token

Purchase during
Purchase from

Unlocked tokens

Token Release Scheme


Unlocked tokens Proof of Stake

Crypto Trader

Crypto Developer

Trader Platform

(Selling via Pundi X)

Select POS Location to promote

Set up selling price

Set up timeframe

Prepaid service charges in NPXS

Escrow cryptocurrency in Token Pool

Bank Account

The services provided by Pundi X are paid through NPXS.
Fill in the application form

Deposit NPXS

Once approved, Escrow the Token

Make Payment

Pundi X


Communication Layer
Deduct NPXS
Prepaid NPXS Account
Token Pool
Settlement system



All transaction details will be stored in Blockchain
Matching the rate and lock the transaction

Transaction complete

Release the token after the confirmation

Return the money



Send Request to buy Token and confirm the transaction

Receive Token

Make Payment

Head portrait


Head portrait


Head portrait


Advertise on Pundi XPOS devices globally

Advertisers, developers, and ad network can place advertisement through Pundi X advertising platform. The ad content and placement can be consumer ads on the side screen of Pundi XPOS, ads on the receipts, store owner notification ads, ads on the membership system, ads on Pundi XPASS cards, ads on successful payment notification.

White paper

View the white paper to learn more details.

White paper

View the white paper to learn more details.