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What is Pundi XPOS?
It is a blockchain-enabled Point-of-Sales device. It comes with features including buying and selling of cryptocurrency, and also using cryptocurrency for purchases in the store.
How many Pundi XPOS devices will you roll out?
Minimum 100,000 units by February 2021.
What is Function X?
Function X is more than a blockchain. It is a decentralized ecosystem, consisting of a f(x) public blockchain, f(x) operating system, FXTP transmission protocol, f(x) docker, and f(x) IPFS. For more info, visit
What is Pundi XPhone?
It is the world first mobile phone, enabling decentralized internet. It is built on Android 9.0 and co-exist with the regular Android mobile system. For more info, visit
What is the Pundi XPASS?
Pundi XPASS is a smart card where people can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with a swipe. You can also buy daily items with it.
Where is Pundi X headquartered?
Singapore. Presently, the activities of PUNDI X are not regulated or licensed by the financial regulatory authorities of many jurisdictions, including the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”). Pundi X remains committed to complying with all relevant regulations in force that relate to our activities.
Where else do you have offices?
Apart from Singapore, we have physical offices in London, São Paulo, Jakarta, Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen and Taipei.
Where can I reach out for sales enquiries?
bd AT
Where can I trade your tokens?
Pundi X uses NEM and Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokenization technologies. Our tokens are tradable on major exchanges.

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